Professional Supervision

Supervision provides a positive environment within which social work practice can be reflected upon, reviewed and developed.

Supervision promotes inclusive practice underpinned by Te Tiriti o Waitangi, responsiveness to Māori, and sound ethical principles.

Supervision promotes safe and accountable practice.

Supervision promotes active recognition of the cultural systems that shape the worker’s practice.

Supervision encompasses a respectful, strengths-based approach which affirms people’s dignity, capacity, rights, uniqueness and commonalities.

Supervision provides a forum to ensure accountability to the agency, to clients and the profession.

Supervision is located within a learning environment where professional development is valued and encouraged.

Supervision can occur as a past looking reflective process and as a reflection in advance of action, particularly where there is a difficult or unusual situation

Supervision ensures safety for participants.

Supervision is regular and uninterrupted.

Supervision assists in identifying and managing stress and building resilience.