Advisory Services

Child protection can be a complex and confusing place, and sometimes we need a little help. As someone who has worked in this field for almost 20 years, I am able to help your organisation create a culture of child protection. This is achieved through policies, recruitment, guidance and the way we work with children.

Here a few examples of how I can help you:

Policy Advice and Development

I have had the privilege of supporting Government Departments, national sporting organisations, schools and health settings in developing child protection policies and procedures.

If I can help you with your policy, whether it needs developing or reviewing, or if you’d just like some pointers, then please get in touch.

Please check out this free resource to give you some guidance on creating a safe organisation


Employing staff that are safe to work with children in the first step. With the introduction of the Children’s Act, 2014 (previously the Vulnerable Children Act) organisations have requirements to follow Safer Recruitment processes when employing staff to work with children.

Please check out this free resource to give you some guidance on safer recruitment.

Code of Practice – Safe Working Practices

Once you have successfully recruited your staff, the next step is ensuring they work with children safely and consistently. Having a Code of Practice provides safe and consistent ways of working that keeps children, and your staff safe. Consider topics such as:

Intimate care of children (like toileting or applying medication), physical contact with children, taking and storing photos or videos, social media, transporting children, overnight camps, giving and receiving gifts, and a whole lot more!

If you’d like some support in developing a Code of Practice for your organisation, then I’d be happy to help.

Managing Allegations against staff

An allegation against a member of staff can be a minefield to navigate, ensuring the safety of children as well as upholding a clear and transparent process. If you need some advice, guidance or support in managing an allegation that’s been made against a member of your staff then I’d be happy to help. With several years experience working with schools and organisations that have had to manage a wide range of allegations, I can step you through the process.

Sector specific information

Please see the separate pages for specific information for your sector: Education, Health, Community Services

If there is any information that you need that you can’t find on this site, please let me know and I’ll do my best to find it for you!